Pokémon Diamond, Pearl to arrive Stateside next April

December 21st, 2006 by Edwin in Cartoons, Games – New Releases, Uncategorized

pokemon.jpgAfter the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl editions have ravaged wallets all across Japan, this marketing phenomenon will now make its way across the Pacific to the U.S., riding on sales figures that are about to breach the 4,000,000 mark. Of course, the Pokémon tsunami will not arrive until April 22nd next year, but this news is more than enough to get gamers into a frenzy as Diamond and Pearl will be the first proper Pokémon title for the Nintendo DS platform. Looks like the strange fetish of catching ‘em all has not abated – in fact, it seems as though the fever has spread all the more as long as the game developers keep on munching on magic mushrooms and designing new Pokémon to keep up with the demand.

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