Marvelous Entertainment releases Followars for the Apple iPad

June 26th, 2010 by Edwin in Games – New Releases

followarsThe Apple iPad is one tablet device that really captured the imagination of the masses, not to mention swallowing up dough from millions of proud new iPad owners in the process. This tablet is not just a larger iPhone, but also an ebook reader (although not too suitable) as well as a portable games machine. Well, developer Route 24 have worked with Marvelous Entertainment to bring “Followars,” their first title for Apple’s iPad.

A new 2-player-only title developed exclusively for iPad, Followars connects your iPad to your Twitter account for a new and original gaming experience. Match the people you are following on Twitter against those of an opponent in epic RPG-esque turn-based battles over a local multiplayer on your iPad. As you win battles, you will accumulate Battle Points (BP) to improve your overall ranking as you climb the ladder to eventually reach the top rank. In a unique twist, the latest tweets by the people you are following will show up as speech bubbles uttered by their character in the game. The results of each match can be automatically tweeted so that not only your followers, but the whole world can follow your progress by following the official #followars hash tag on Twitter.

This is pretty interesting since it takes into account the status of your Twitter account, where the more active it is, the more fun the whole experience will be. According to Kenichi Nishi, President of developer Route 24 and director of Followars, “I’ve always been an Apple fan, having released a few applications on iPhone. When I heard about the new iPad, I knew this was another great opportunity to develop something original on a new platform! I love gadgets and new technologies, so combining Twitter’s formidable communication tools with Apple’s iPad feels so intuitive and natural.”

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