Creative Kingdoms announces MagiQuest Online: The Portal Adventure Series

June 22nd, 2010 by Edwin in Games – New Releases


Creative Kingdoms has just announced the first chapter of MagiQuest Online: The Portal Adventure Series, where it was developed in partnership with Cyan Worlds, the creators of the best-selling Myst series. MagiQuest Online will enable players to take their adventures from the real world into the virtual one, and not only that, to return as well.

In MagiQuest Online, players discover that there is more to the adventure than the seventeen MagiQuest Live action centers around the globe. There are in fact two MagiQuest worlds – the real and the virtual – separated only by portals that must be protected by skilled Magi, as MagiQuest players are known. Dragons, golems, and all sort of despicable creatures hope to escape through these portals so they may enter the real world and wreak havoc upon mankind. Only by braving this online adventure can players defend both worlds from these rogue’s schemes. The popular MagiQuest Live is a game designed for both gamers and non-gamers alike as a way to inspire physical and social activity by using puzzles and challenges similar to those found in a video game. MagiQuest Online now connects participants’ live play experience to their virtual play experience in an instantaneous way so that play is tracked back and forth. MagiQuest Online takes gaming to a new level, and is the first breakthrough collision between virtual and real life.

MagiQuest Online is different from many other video games on the market simply because it is completely integrated with the MagiQuest Live centers. When you first give MagiQuest Online a go, you can enter your Magi name and password, only to pleasantly find all of your accumulated experience, powers and treasures waiting for you in the virtual world. Not only that, anything earned in MagiQuest Online will be useable upon their next visit to any of the Live centers. For those who have the necessary intestinal fortitude, you can complete the online adventure and have a go at an exclusive quest that awaits you after that.

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