Majesco announces Pirates Plundarrr for Wii

June 16th, 2010 by Edwin in Games – New Releases


Majesco has a brand new title for fans of the Wii, and good to know that it still features good old 2D gaming without having to jump aboard the world of 3D. We’re talking about Pirates Plundarrr for Wii, where this game allows you to fly solo if you’re an introvert, or play with another 3 players as you attempt to break out of the monotony of office life while living out the adventures of a pirate as you and your mates battle hordes of baddies in this swashbuckling multiplayer adventure.

Players will fight through menacing areas including a murky swamp, an Aztec temple and a haunted village to ultimately face-off against the evil traitor, Rudebelly, and reclaim their stolen treasure. Pirates Plundarrr boasts a great sense of humor too: would-be pirates can ride warthogs for “drive-by style” attacks, battle hulking slug bosses, turn enemies into bunnies and trigger meat meteor showers that rain down from above. Swashbucklers will take on more than 40 diverse enemies – including skeletons, slimefish, mummies and lots of other nasties – that want to ruin an otherwise pleasant Caribbean adventure. Thankfully, players can defend themselves with a bounty of weapons, from meat cleavers to flaming axes, or use the environment to their advantage by picking up rocks and barrels to hurl. As players progress, they’ll also gain XP points that will earn them perks and upgrades to aid their plundarrr.

Boomzap is the developer for Pirates Plundarrr for Wii, where this title has been rated E10+ and is now available for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Seems to be an extremely budget-minded game for the Wii, and we do hope that you get oodles of fun despite the seemingly low price tag. What do you think of this – will it appeal to the masses in a good way, or will the title bomb?

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