The Thanksgiving Game

November 3rd, 2008 by Edwin in Games – New Releases

Cultivating a culture of gratitude is more important than ever in these times of global economic turmoil, so why not have a hoot while you’re at it? This Thanksgiving, you will be able to learn how to look at the glass as half full courtesy of The Thanksgiving Game, Inc., who is offering The Thanksgiving Game to everyone at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores nationwide, select Kroger stores, Christian bookstores and on So far those who have given a go have nothing but praises, so what’s The Thanksgiving Game all about? Read on after the jump to find out more.

While a peek at one’s stock portfolio or 401k might suggest that many are lamenting their losses, playing The Thanksgiving Game at the traditional holiday feast is a fun way to focus on how many blessings all Americans enjoy in the greatest country in the world. The most venerable members of our society remember what it was like to live through the Great Depression of the 1930s and ’40s, a more severe season than we are experiencing now. Although many teenagers today consider not having cell phone service or the ability to text message an adversity, slightly older folks have heard the stories of that bygone era from parents and grandparents, when modern staples such as sugar and chewing gum were considered luxuries. Depression-Era reminiscers remember the closeness and appreciation for family and loved ones cultivated out of the lean years experienced during those tough times. Relationships became more valuable as material possessions became more scarce.

Each purchase of The Thanksgiving Game will see the company return a certain percentage to support faith-based inner city missions around the nation that provide food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare to the needy. Sounds like one of the more altruistic purchases you’ll make this year – why not give it a try?

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