NES and complete game collection on eBay

January 30th, 2007 by Edwin in Gaming Hardware, Retro Games


Is it even possible to collect every single Nintendo Entertainment System game that was ever released in the U.S.? Apparently so, if the claims of seller sonyabscott is correct. Sonyabscott is putting on the table a fully functioning NES system in great condition along with 670 officially licensed Nintendo game. The current asking price has already reached a whooping $25,300. Some cyber sleuths did some groundwork and noticed that over the months, sonyabscott has silently picked up an obscure title here and there for a buck or so, making him a brilliant strategist. In hindsight, it could be the bidders who are residing on the lower end of the intelligence scale as paying such an exorbitant amount for instant gaming street cred is just pure insanity.

Of course, there will always be debates about whether 670 is the exact number of officially licensed Nintendo games, but those who want to find out for themselves can always check out the free full NES Game List on and compare it. These games do not come with boxes or manuals, but at least it looks good all stacked up in an orderly manner.

In addition, sonyabscott has even thrown in other accessories and equipment such as ROB the Robot, the infamous Power Glove, and a Power Pad amongst others. Patient gamers who prefer to get every single title be available over the Wii’s Virtual Console will pay considerably less at a sub-$4,000 price, so if you have plenty of money left over, why not head over the auction page and have a look?

Auction Page

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Jonotron Says:

March 17th, 2010 at 2:26 pm

I would never sell such an extreme collection. I thought I had a lot of nes games, but I definitely don’t have that many

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