Sony files patent for 3D Game Controller

December 18th, 2006 by Edwin in Gaming Hardware


Sony might have taken away the idea of the Wii-mote from Nintendo, and apparently they have taken some pains to improve on the concept by including some form of 3D tracking technology that will be incorporated into the standard PlayStation 3 controllers, also known as the SIXAXIS. At least, all of that is true if Sony’s latest patent filing is anything to go by. Known as the “Hand-held Controller Having Detectable Elements for Tracking Purposes”, it is anybody’s guess of what Sony wants to do with it.

There will be embedded LEDs located on the front of the device, while an external camera will detect and capture player movements and the game controller. The image analysis will then be processed and translated to on-screen action via the controller’s position and orientation. Of course, it is also capable of determining other factors such as acceleration and velocity as well. This new development will enable players to engage in various activities like virtual swordplay and sporting events.

Sounds exactly like what the Wii-mote does currently, an idea which Sony pooh-poohed in the beginning. Looks like Sony can’t seem to get anything right these days. Is this the beginning of the end of what used to be the most innovative consumer electronics giant in the world? Why can’t Sony come up with something original? Are their engineers so drained of creativity that their best efforts include following the trend?

Source: Unwired View

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