Lost In Blue

March 16th, 2006 by Sean in Game Reviews

Lost In Blue
Lost in Blue from Konami is an adventure game for the Nintendo DS which sees you shipwrecked on a desert island and basically tasks you with staying alive like a virtual Robinson Crusoe.

You start the game washed up on a sandy beach, and are immediately faced with three big problems. Where do you find food, where can you find shelter, and how are you going to make a fire to dry out your clothes. Your character has four life attributes, which are indicated as a percentage. These are strength, water level, food level, and health condition. As the first three attributes decrease to dangerous levels your health will also start to be affected and if it reaches zero then you will die.

Control of your character is provided by a mixture of the D-Pad and the stylus. The D-Pad walks him around the island on the lower screen, and you press the A button to check the ground for items. The top screen can be switched between a statistics screen showing your health status, a map, and a view of the island covered by clouds which gradually disappear as you explore the island.

The stylus is used when it comes to foraging for food and the like. To begin with the main source of food is coconuts that have fallen from trees and clams which are found on the beach. Clams are indicated by little clumps of sand, the stylus being used to brush the sand away to reveal them. It is also possible to shake trees using the stylus in order to encourage more coconuts to drop.

As you explore you’ll soon discover you have a companion, a girl named Skye, who unfortunately loses her glasses and can’t see very well. You must guide her around the level by taking hold of her hand and leading her around in a similar manner to Ico on the PS2. The fact that you now have to discover food for two mouths is offset by the fact that Skye can cook (although it takes her a while to actually become any good at it) which allows food which cannot be consumed raw to now be eaten.

Lost In Blue
As the game progresses you’ll learn how to fish using first a spear and later a fishing rod, how to trap animals and shoot them with a bow and arrow, and can even domesticate animals such as goats for milk as well as meat. You set up home in a small cave, which allows you to make a fire to keep warm. This is done by alternating the shoulder buttons to rub sticks together. When they start to smoulder you must blow into the microphone to get the fire going.

You can also make the cave more comfortable by building furniture such as beds and shelves. Building furniture involves another mini-game where a series of instructions move across the screen which you must carry out by drawing a symbol using the stylus.

The biggest dilemma with this game is whether to love it or hate it, and you’ll find yourself alternating between these two extremes quite regularly. Your energy, food and water levels all deplete at what feels like too fast a rate, meaning you end up spending entire game days just searching for food, water and sticks to fuel your fire. Whilst this is probably quite a realistic impression of what being stranded on a desert island would actually be like, it does make for a rather infuriating game. Such a relatively simple tweak would have endeared the game to far more people, since most players will have a hard time just surviving the first day of being stranded to begin with.

If you’re looking for an original game it’s worth a try, as it really is quite a unique gaming idea, but be warned you’ll have to be prepared to do far more housekeeping than exploring in this game. It certainly doesn’t lack depth, but it’s doubtful many players will have the patience to fully explore all the game has to offer.

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camila Says:

July 12th, 2006 at 1:19 am

que excelentes juegos

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