The Sims 2: Open for Business

February 25th, 2006 by Jen in Game Reviews

Have you ever wondered what your Sims actually do when they leave for work each day? Well now you can get a glimpse in their working work with the release of the latest Sims 2 expansion pack, Sims 2: Open for Business. Instead of your Sims simply hopping into their carpool ride and disappearing for hours (in-game hours that is) at a time, Open for Business lets you follow them to their own businesses.

Entrepreneurial Sims can start up their very own business, either right out of their homes or buy setting up shop downtown in a new shopping center, and start earning pocketfuls of simoleons as soon as they decide exactly what business they want to pursue. Open for Business allows Sims to start up one of three different types of businesses. Sims can open a product retail store, where they produce and sell goods. Another option is a pay-per-use business in which Sims charge fees for a service that they provide for other Sims. The last option is a pay-per-time business offering ongoing services – your Sim then charges other Sims just for using your space. With so many options and such flexibility, Sims can start up virtually any type of business they desire. Pet shops, internet cafes, floral boutiques, art galleries, toy stores, and clothing retailers are just a few of the unique businesses your Sim can start up.

The more practice you Sim gets with running his own business, the more savvy and successful he’ll become in the game. Open for Business introduces a new set of learnable skills, called the talent system, which will impact your Sims salesmanship abilities. Seven different talents can be improved through practice, including the ability to pitch sales to customers, operate a cash register, and to craft individual products. The more practice your Sim gets in a particular skill, the more talented he will become in that area. And since talented Sims can produce higher quality items, and produce more of them, than unskilled Sims, it pays to spend the time honing your skills. Once you Sim has established himself as a successful entrepreneur, he will have access to the real estate market. Speculative real estate in Simville, just as it is in real life, is a gamble, but the payoff can be huge if your Sim plays it smart. Sims will be able to purchase empty lots or fixer-upper homes, improve upon them, and resell them at a higher price.

Open for Business will also test your Sim’s ability to manage other Sims, since you’ll need employees to help you run your business Hiring and firing staff is an important part of running a business, so your Sim will need to become skilled at giving motivational speeches, recruiting new talent, and directing the activities of your staff. And having a strong team of employees is important, since they directly service your customers. Open for Business has added a new relationship system called customer loyalty, which is governed by Sims’ personal experiences in your business. Sims’ loyalty to you (and your business) will increase if you provide them with good customer service. Loyalty can decrease if you fail to wait on shoppers, improperly train new employees, or try to hard sell a customer. As your business draws in more and more loyal customers, it will increase in rank. High ranked businesses have the ability to tap into the social network of your Sim’s friends, allowing your Sim to connect with more and more people in the community.

If your Sim ready to take matters into his own hands and go into business for himself? If so, have him pencil in March 2nd on his calendar – that’s when Sims 2: Open for Business hits stores shelves.

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Sam Says:

August 26th, 2006 at 2:01 pm

sorry, but his is yet another boring SIMS game.
if you play these games. GET A LIFE, instead of living your vitual one!

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